■ VHH Screening Service

The following methods are often utilized in drug development research.


・Method of obtaining antibodies by immunizing animals.

・Antibody screening by phage display method.


In many of these cases, development and production is expensive and time-consuming.It is also a technically challenging process that often causes problems in its preservation and productivity.Even after development, rights may be tied up and not free by cost or contract.


We would like to offer this service to such research and development.

By formalizing the test, it can be provided at a relatively low cost, and we believe that it can be introduced in a wide range of fields, not limited to drug development.Furthermore, the main feature of this antibody screening is that it is different from conventional screening, and unprecedented results can be expected.


□ Antibody Screening Test Package

We perform antibody screening tests using our own VHH antibody-presenting phage synthesis library.We screen antibodies against the antigens provided by the customer and deliver the genetic information as test results.


【Test content】

It is a two-step testing package.

Please feel free to contact us so that we can explain the details in person.



1.Antigenic reception

Please provide biotin-modified antigens (100 µg or more).

Biotin addition is available as a separate option.


After immobilization of the antigen, biopanning is performed using a

VHH antibody-presenting phage synthetic library.

3.Bonding evaluation The resulting VHH antibody-presenting phage is evaluated for binding to the antigen by Direct ELISA.


1.Sequence Gene sequence analysis of selected clones from the results of STEP 1 is performed to create a phylogenetic tree.
2.Deliver the result We will deliver the gene sequence information.


【Test Information】

 Test Characteristics



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Test period

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□ Original test design

We may be able to accommodate studies utilizing the VHH antibody-presenting phage synthesis library for studies that do not fit into the introduced study packages.


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