We offer antibody screening services utilizing VHH antibodies.


Features of Service

✓No royalties

We do not receive royalties on the genetic information we provide.

✓Simple testing package

Reasonable and speedy response with packaged test content.

✓Environmental considerations

Antibody screening studies do not involve animal immunization of antigens.

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VHH Antibody

✓Small antibodiesスクリーンショット 2022-04-14 180259.jpg

The variable region of the heavy chain antibodies possessed by camelids is called the VHH antibody.

✓Various Features

VHH antibodies have various high functionalities such as high stability and productivity.

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About Services

✓VHH Screening Service Package写真AC_パズル.jpg

There is a simple testing package that is divided into 2 STEPs.

✓Original test

We can design an exam using VHH antibodies according to your requirements.

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